Upgraded with Class

Aurora Theatre, Georgia’s second-largest professional theatre company, has been a cornerstone of the community, and the city of Lawrenceville recognized the positive economic impact Aurora Theatre and the arts community have on the local community and downtown businesses. The city decided to allocate municipal funds to the arts and cultural initiatives, and the $35-million project broke ground in June 2019.
Mayor David Still said, “The completion and grand opening of this facility will be a visual representation of Lawrenceville’s commitment to the arts. A 15-year partnership with Aurora Theatre and many years of hard work on the part of numerous determined individuals have delivered a one-of-a-kind project placing Lawrenceville in the spotlight as an arts-centered community.”
Aurora Theatre co-founders, Ann-Carol Pence and Anthony Rodriguez are thrilled to expand. They both envision Lawrenceville Arts Center and the unprecedented partnership as a model for communities nationwide. Ann-Carol Pence reflected on the partnership and the future of art communities across the nation, “…it is Anthony and my desire to challenge cities throughout our country to employ this model, Cities all over the nation get the ‘soul’ benefit from a regional theatre. We provide the strength, programming, and tourism that you need to revitalize your city.”
Designed with Aurora Theater at its heart, the space is home to a dynamic and diverse performing arts program. With versatile and open spaces, LAC provides the opportunity to lease the venue through partnerships with other companies, as well as individuals looking to host events.

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